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Who We Are: We are a family owned business.  Laurence (Larry) and Helen Nuelle are the principals with son Justin and daughter Sarah as co-owners.  Larry is a consulting geologist, specializing in mineral exploration.  Helen has just  retired  from  teaching  special education  and is now  consulting  in that  field.  Justin works in the Birmingham area  and Sarah is a  CPA  in Minnesota.


Larry has been a rockhound since grade  school and still  actively maintains  a collection of  mineral and  fossil specimens.

The hobby sparked Larry's interest in geology and he is still in disbelief that you can get paid to look at rocks.

Our Mission: By  operating  the  rock shop  and  participating  in mineral  and  gem shows,  we hope to  1) spark the interest  of beginning collectors and hobbyists, 2) provide a selection of specimens and lapidary products to collectors and hobbyists, and 3) help bridge the gap between the amateur and  professional community through involvement in professional and hobbyists organizations.

Always Something New: Because  of the  way that  minerals,  fossils,  and  rock s occur in nature,  there  is not  always a steady source for  some of the material  or specimens  of interest.   Localities get  played out,  properties  are made off-limits,  and  exporting / importing is influenced  by regulations  and  the value of the dollar. In the meantime,  new  finds  are made  and  new  localities are  put  into  production.   As such,  our inventory  is constantly  changing reflecting  contemporary products available on the market, material from old  collections that we were  able to acquire,  and from time to time, material that we collected 

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Okorusu fluorspar mine


Photo by L. M. Nuelle

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